Meet the Class of 2023: Brittany Estell

Brittany with a long-hair housecat in the veterinary hospital.

In her fourth year of veterinary school, Brittany Estell is working on her MBA with an emphasis in healthcare management so she can improve her leadership skills and better understand the business side of veterinary medicine. It’s all part of her goal to own a veterinary practice of her own.

“I have wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as I can remember,” Brittany said. “I can’t imagine a more exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding career. Spending every workday surrounded by animals and helping to prevent, treat, and cure diseases is gratifying. I hope to always have a positive impact on animals and the people who love them.” 

Brittany was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and after graduation on Saturday, May 6, she will prepare for her return to her hometown to work at a small animal general practice.

Brittany enjoys weightlifting, dancing, acroyoga – and being as she was captain of her cheer team at the University of Nevada, Reno – cheerleading and stunting.” She also enjoys petting dogs, hanging with her 3-year-old cat, Lajla, and her fiance, Adi. Brittany said her and Adi plan to adopt two dogs after graduation

She said WSU has prepared for her career by emphasizing client communication. “Helping clients to understand their options is just as important as knowing what options exist for a pet,” she said.

After working long shifts at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Brittany said she enjoys exercising at WSU’s Student Recreation Center to destress after a long day.” 

Brittany and her fiancé Adi started taking taekwondo classes at the Student Recreation Center nearly two years ago. They are now red belts – just two belts away from earning a black belt.”