Meet the Class of 2023: Sara Lewis

Sara, sitting on the floor in the vet hospital, and holding a gray and white shorthair cat.

In her spare time, Sara Lewis still immerses herself in veterinary medicine. In her first three years of veterinary school, you could often find her working in Radiology or the Intensive Care Unit caring for patients in need of critical care.

“On their best and worst days, I love being able to provide care for the animals that care for us, and the humans attached to them,” Sara said.

When not at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Sara enjoys shoeing horses, fishing, or hiking. She also likes to spend time with her boyfriend, Kyle, who became her fiancée after he popped the question earlier this semester.

In May, Sara is moving to Palmer, Alaska, to work at a practice where she will oversee general practice and emergency cases. Her goal, though, is to own her own mixed practice. 

Sara enjoys working with small and large animals and is a certified farrier, having received her certificate in farrier science from Walla Walla Community College before attending veterinary school.

She is also one of 10 pre-admitted veterinary students in the Class of 2023 who earned their undergraduate degree through the WSU Honors College early acceptance program. The program allows students to earn their undergraduate degree in just three years before moving on to #WSUVetMed.

Sara said fourth-year clinics at WSU prepared her for her career.

“It’s allowed me to see patients and things that are real-world like,” she said.

Fun Fact: Sara has four animals of her own: Leroy, a border collie; Roxie, a heeler mix; and two cats, Jinx and Agnus.