Meet the Class of 2023: Veronica Martin

Veronica with Border Collie in a hallway at the Teaching Hospital.

Fourth-year veterinary student Veronica Martin’s childhood dog, Kikko, who lived to be 18, drew her to veterinary medicine.

“I took him with me to undergrad and vet school, and he was truly the greatest thing to ever happen to me. If I can spend the rest of my life helping other people’s Kikkos, that is all I can ask for,” she said. “The human-animal bond is so special, and I am thankful to help maintain those relationships.”

Veronica is inching closer to her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and when she gets it, she is off to Austin, Texas, to work at a small animal general practice.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Veronica’s childhood home was basically an exotics pet shop, complete with three turtles, two bunnies, three mice, two rats, a bearded dragon, a ferret, and of course, a cat and a dog.

Veronica received her undergraduate degree at WSU as well. She said WSU has taught her great communication skills that allow her to connect with clients on a personal level. 

Her favorite part about WSU, though, is the people.

“WSU is full of some of the kindest and most interesting people I’ve ever met. I’m very lucky to have met some of my best friends throughout undergrad and vet school here, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Cougs help Cougs!” she said.