James Evermann

  1. Professor Emeritus
  2. Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Email Address jfe@wsu.edu


Adjunct & Affiliate Appointments

  • Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Research Interests

Clinical virology; ecology and epidemiology of infectious diseases of cats and dogs; herd biosecurity for infectious diseases of livestock; evolution of emerging viral infections of veterinary and zoonotic concern.

Investigative research revolves around four main areas.

  • Herd biosecurity (BVD PI detection, Johnes disease surveillance, BLV herd control, and Neospora monitoring);
  • Interspecies spread of viruses between cats and dogs in domestic and wild environments (CPV-FPL molecular epidemiology, canine and feline calicivirus carrier status, and canine and feline morbillivirus ecology);
  • Detection of emerging infections, such as canine leptospirosis, and coronaveral infections of wild canids and felids;
  • Investigations of vaccination failures, which includes analysis of host immune response and pathogenic properties of viruses causing disease in the face of immunization.