Federal Excess Personal Property Program

The College of Veterinary Medicine is a participant in the Federal Excess Personal Property Program, which gives our researchers the opportunity to secure lab and project equipment from the federal government on loan and at substantially reduced costs. This allows our researchers to stretch their grant money further and to obtain items ranging from microscopes and centrifuges to vehicles and medical equipment often for just the cost of shipping and a staff support fee.

The college has staff dedicated to helping our researchers access the program and navigate through every step of the process. Our team can help with developing needs lists, identifying available equipment, physical screening of property, consultation, and ensuring policies are followed and documents are properly completed.  

Are you a prospective employee?

Want to talk to someone about how the program can help with the establishment of your lab?

Contact Julie Watkins at jksmith@wsu.edu or Eric Lautzenheiser at simone@wsu.edu for more information.

Are you a current researcher in the College of Veterinary Medicine?

Looking to secure equipment for your lab? Find more information on the college’s internal webpage.