Field Disease Investigation Unit

The role of feed and water in on-farm infection

A current study funded by an FDA grant traces the path of E. coli O157 and Salmonella on farms. Fecal, feed and water samples will be taken from 24 dairies over a 2-year period. These samples will be cultured for both E. coli O157 and Salmonella species. The prevalence of pathogens in the feed and water will be compared to […]

E. coli

Generic E. coli is a normal flora resident of the bovine gastrointestinal tract. It poses little danger as a foodborne disease. However, the O157 serotype of E. coli can be extremely dangerous to young, old, and immunocompromised individuals. E. coli O157 is a transient resident of cattle. It can be found on most cattle farms […]

Crooked calf – lupine induced arthrogryposis

Collaborative research FDIU and USDA PPRL Ut Overview Crooked calf is the colloquial name given to a pattern of congenital anomalies that occurs in the offspring of range-grazed cows in certain areas of the western United States. The anomalies are characterized by the presence of arthrogryposis (flexure of a joint) of the forelimbs typically involving […]