Andrew West speaking a Teaching Academy event
Teaching Academy
Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Academic training and mentorship for faculty, staff, residents, and professional and graduate students interested in education careers

Teaching Academy

Teaching matters

The WSU College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Academy is a scholarly community of educators engaging in teaching and career development. The academy fosters innovative curriculum, teaching, and learning.  

Our weekly events are open to all college and WSU faculty, staff, graduate, and professional students. 

We also offer educational training and academic career preparation opportunities to graduate students, veterinary residents, and new faculty members across the entire college through workshops, seminars, discussions, and summer programs.


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Our goals

  • Promote scholarship, education, leadership, collaboration, and elevate the status of teaching as a career track
  • Foster and support innovative approaches and assessment in education
  • Provide mentorship and guidance for graduate students, residents, and new faculty members interested in careers in education
  • Create and support a culture of collegiality, collaboration, and open dialogue within the teaching community

Our college is also one of seven members of the Teaching Academy of the Consortium of West Region Colleges of Veterinary Medicine. Learn more about the regional teaching academy or request an external peer review of teaching.

Questions about the college’s Teaching Academy or how you can get involved? Email us.

WSU College of Veterinary Medicine faculty, staff, and students can also find more teaching information and resources on our college’s internal website.

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