About the artist: Holly Irish

Holly Irish is a member of the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s class of 2012. She spent her undergraduate years at WSU as well, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology with a minor in Chemistry.

Holly grew up surrounded by the otherworldly beauty of the Pacific Northwest in Sequim, Washington. It took some time for her appreciation of the rolling hills and endless skies of the Palouse to grow, but she now finds it equally as gorgeous as the moss-hung forests of home. It was actually the beauty of Palouse skies that nudged her into making photography her own. She started with capturing fleeting moments in nature that she didn’t think others should miss, and that evolved into using photography as a way to show the world how she sees things.

The current exhibit was born of Holly’s fascination with the bond between people and animals, and all of the different ways it can be expressed. She set out to capture relationships in her camera lens and was lucky enough to find a place to display them.  She found while doing shoots for this project that the best photos always seemed to come when she could engage people in conversation about their pet.  A simple “So how did you end up with him?” or “What’s your favorite thing to do together?” always brought out the bond between owner and animal in a very visible way.

When she’s not in school or immersed in the quest for a great photograph, Holly enjoys walks in the woods, time with her pets, time with family and friends, music, and art. 

Most of the photos displayed were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T1i.