Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation – Seattle Chapter

The ARCS Foundation – Seattle Chapter provides recruitment fellowships totaling $15,000, payable over three years at $5,000 per year, to graduate students in the College of Veterinary Medicine and The Center for Reproductive Biology. Because the fellowships are in addition to teaching and research assistantships or any other awards, they substantially enhance WSU’s ability to recruit outstanding graduate students.

ARCS fellowships have proven critical in persuading top graduate student applicants to enroll in programs at WSU rather than in competing programs elsewhere. College of Veterinary Medicine’s Dean Warwick Bayly proudly emphasizes that point, noting “Proof of this is the fact that many of WSU’s graduate students in the College of Veterinary Medicine who receive ARCS funding go on to attract additional support like Ponson Awards and Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Awards (MCSA) from the National Institutes of Health. No other veterinary school in the U.S. has more MCSAs than does WSU and ARCS has helped a great deal in this regard. “

Homer Adams III set his sights of furthering his education by pursuing an advanced degree. To accomplish that goal, Adams enrolled in graduate studies at Washington State University and was awarded an ARCS fellowship. He is in his second year of an ARCS fellowship awarded through WSU’s Center for Reproductive Biology and is focusing his research on the area of reproductive physiology. His studies encompass the starting point of life and examine such issues as the impact of age on fertility. Homer’s work utilizes cutting-edge technology in gene therapy and touches transgenic animals, endangered species, and genetic or hereditary diseases in humans. 

ARCS Foundation, Inc. is a national volunteer women’s organization dedicated to helping the best and brightest U. S. graduate and undergraduate students by providing scholarships in natural sciences, medicine, and engineering. ARCS Foundation began in 1958. Established due to the aftermath of the Soviet launching of Sputnik, a group of fifty-three women philanthropic leaders who were committed to reestablishing U. S. technological superiority began giving financial awards to college students majoring in science and engineering. WSU is committed to working with the Seattle ARCS Chapter to attract more of the nation’s best graduate students. The group has grown to twelve chapters nationwide, with more than 1,400 members, all volunteer leaders in their communities. The ARCS Foundation supports graduate student science fellowships at more than 50 research institutions in the U.S. Seattle Chapter ARCS member Jacque Doane declares, “Supporting these research students makes good economic sense. Scientific discoveries and technological advances fuel the growth of our increasingly knowledge-based economy. In this sense, by supporting graduate education, ARCS is also supporting the economic advancement of this state.”