Ambassador spotlight: Delaney Clem

Delany Clem holds her dog, Posy

Are you considering WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine? Our student ambassadors are available to provide insight into our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.

Third-year veterinary student Delaney Clem says #WSUVetMed was not her first choice when she began exploring her opportunities. However, after visiting #WSU, going through the interview process, and meeting students, staff, and faculty, she knew she was destined to be a #Coug.

“When I first came to my interview, I had no plans on going to WSU. I thought it would be a good backup in case I didn’t get into Oregon,” Delaney said. “However, the students, the staff, and the interview process made everything seem so positive. The hospital and other facilities were also mind-blowing. I ended up getting into Oregon, but there was something about WSU. Despite the extra tuition in the first year, I knew it was the perfect place to continue my education.”

Delaney, an Oregon native, said WSU stands apart from other veterinary institutions for many reasons, with one of the top perks being the Diagnostic Challenges during your second year of the program

“You get to pretend to be a doctor for a week and it was really fun figuring out a case and talking to clients. You really get to see how far you have come!” she said. “By far, the diagnostic challenge has been my favorite experience. I learned so much those two weeks in the most interesting way. You also gain so much confidence and get to experience what it’s like to be a doctor with a plethora of help from classmates and staff.”

She also has enjoyed what the WSU and Pullman communities have to offer.

“I like living in Pullman because of the small-town vibe!” Delaney said. “I love going downtown for a drink, hosting friends for a WSU football game, walking my dog through Sunnyside Park, and watching my husband coach the Pullman Greyhounds!”

Delaney’s veterinary interests include small animals, clinical pathology, and parasitology.

FUN FACT: Delaney has a cute border collie puppy named Posy that is a frequent visitor to the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, where she gets plenty of love and attention.