Ambassador spotlight: Georgiana Kostov

Are you considering #WSUVetMed? Every other Wednesday we are highlighting our student ambassadors who are available to provide insight into our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.

Georgiana Kostov was raised in sunny Arizona, but she had no reservations about heading north to Pullman and #WSUVetMed for her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine studies, in large part for the chance to learn under the program’s diverse and experienced faculty.

“I was certain I would receive an extraordinary education, and that has held true,” she said. “Having professors from different cultural and educational backgrounds has allowed me to view veterinary medicine from a more holistic approach. There are many ways to practice veterinary medicine but teaching optimal patient care is a common goal among all the WIMU faculty members.”

Like many of her peers, the third-year student, who has interests in small animals, orthopedic surgery, and dermatology, has greatly appreciated the unique learning and development opportunities at WSU.

Georgiana loves connecting with students any way she can. “The program also has a Cougar Orientation Leadership Experience (COLE) for incoming students. At the last orientation, I was a COLE mentor and that experience was one of the most rewarding events I have been a part of.”

While she’s been committed to her studies at WSU, Georgiana has also had time to pick up a few new hobbies, like hiking and lounging at the local breweries. She also joined an intramural sand volleyball team with her classmates.

She’s also learned the winters in Pullman aren’t really all that bad.

“Thick layers are important, as the wind is the worst part,” she said. “The city of Pullman is pretty good at taking care of the roads after a long night of snowing. The city will sprinkle gravel on major roads and hills to help with traction. I would invest in a good brush for your car. Plan on leaving 20 minutes early if you have plans with your car; you will need to defrost your windows if you do not have covered parking.”