Chloe Hoover

Chloe with Remy, her Burmese Mountain Dog, outside the Teaching Hospital.

Class: 2025
Residency: Washington
At what campus did you start the program? Pullman
Undergrad: Washington State University
Ambassador: 2022-2023

What are your main areas of interest in the field of veterinary medicine?

  • Small Animal
  • Small Animal Oncology
  • Small Animal Behavior

Please list any clubs/organizations you are currently involved with:

  • Canine Club
  • Dental Club
  • Human-Animal Bond Club
  • Small Ruminant Club

Why did you choose to attend our program for veterinary school?

I grew up in a die-hard Coug family as my mom attended WSU for pharmacy school and I also was in Pullman for my undergraduate degree. WSU was my in-state veterinary school option, which was a big draw to me, but I also loved the town of Pullman and the feeling of family you get being on campus. When I looked more into veterinary schools, I knew WSU was for me due to its location and the great things I heard from both veterinary school alumni and current students about the program.

Chloe standing next to an elephant in a tropical location.

What do you think makes our program special or unique?

I think that the variety of opportunities provided in the WIMU program are very special. You learn about all the different species in class while tailoring your education to your choice of species or specialty based on the opportunities outside the classroom. Also, the faculty are very supportive. They are welcoming to questions, and you can tell that they are willing to help students in any way they can which demonstrates the amazing culture of the program school.

WIMU faculty are:

WIMU faculty are amazingly supportive. You are always welcome to stop by their offices to ask questions regarding classes or opportunities outside of school. You can tell in class and in the clinics that they care about teaching and want us to learn.