Courtney Durfee

Class: 2024
Residency: Washington
Undergrad: University of Arizona
Ambassador: 2022-2023

What are your main areas of interest in the field of veterinary medicine?

  • Small animal
  • Equine

Extracurricular opportunities:

  • Dental Club
  • Radiology timeslip
  • Clinical pathology timeslip

The hands-on experience in the WIMU program is:

Good! We get plenty of opportunities between use of cadavers in anatomy class and clubs, along with electives in our third year that let us practice certain procedures. All of the hands-on activities are under the guidance of very experienced vets/professors.

What experiences in our program have been the most meaningful so far?

So far the most meaningful experience I’ve had was definitely going through the diagnostic challenges. We got to practice having the “real vet” experience so early on in our curriculum. I was genuinely excited each day to be able to work with my peers and problem-solve using all the information that had just been crammed into our heads. It was very a very validating experience because we discovered that we truly know more than we think we do. It really gives us an early perspective of where we are going, and the encouragement to get there.

What do you think makes our program special or unique?

The sense of community that comes from the program is my favorite part about our vet school. No matter where you go, you can find someone that came from WSU CVM. The professors care about how well you do and they are always open to change if it’s needed. They will go out of their way to help with any subjects or topics you might struggle with, or find a way to help accommodate you if you ever run into issues. They will also go to great extents to get you extra opportunities that you might be seeking, such as letting you work in their lab or follow them in the hospital. So no matter how stressed you may be about school or how much you may feel you are lacking, your fellow students and your professors will always find a way to help pull you through.

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