Ed McLeary Distinguished Professorship in Aquatic Animal Health

Kevin Snekvik

Director, Washington Animal Disease Diagnostics Laboratory
Pathologist & Aquatic Health Section Head

Dr. Snekvik is a board certified veterinary pathologist with a split appointment as a professor in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology and director of operations for the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL). He is also the section head of WADDL’s Aquatic Health Section and conducts fish diagnostic testing for both private fish producers and natural resource agencies as well as aquatic and terrestrial animal infectious disease research. Dr. Snekvik and his staff also provide salmonid fish health certification testing for interstate and international movement of fish or fish products. Dr. Snekvik serves on multiple national committees involved with aquatic disease and veterinary diagnostic medicine including the AAVLD/ US Animal Health Association Aquaculture Committee, AAVLD Executive Board, and the National Aquaculture Association (NAA) Aquatic Animal Health Committee, and previously on the American Veterinary Medicine Association Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee.

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