Employee’s photos on exhibit in animal library

Debby Alperin has been working at WSU as a research associate for 26 years. Almost all of that time has been spent in the College of Veterinary Medicine, except for a brief stint in the Department of Animal Sciences. 

Deb grew up in California’s San Fernando Valley. Her love affair with the Palouse began over 30 years ago when she first moved to Pullman as a student to attend WSU. At about the same time, she was given her first SLR camera and began to take pictures. Since then, she carries a camera almost everywhere she goes – taking pictures of barns, old trucks, wheat fields and animals. Living for the past 22+ years in Viola, Idaho, (just north of Moscow) with her California –turned Inland Pacific Northwest Girl: husband Mike and a whole host of animals. 

Deb drives through the heart of the Palouse daily. Many of the photos featured in this exhibit come from that commute – taken at the times in the day when she thinks the light is best. She often returns to a spot several times, working out when the light and the sky are just right. 

Photography is just of many talents and interests. In addition, Deb is a backpacker and downhill skier. She plays the bass, piano and mandolin – and occasionally even performs in public, in a local Contra band and a Grateful Dead tribute band. She has played music at the Green Frog in Palouse and the Renaissance Fair, Hemp Festival and Contra dances in Moscow. Deb gardens extensively, works with clay, rides horses, raises honeybees, and lives a life about as full as anyone you’re ever likely to meet. And she takes beautiful photos.

The majority of the photos in Deb’s AHL Art in the Library exhibit were taken with either a Canon XTI Rebel or a Canon 50D. They are printed on fine art photo paper with archival ink. She hopes you enjoy viewing her photos half as much as she enjoys taking them.