Henry Clinger

Class: 2024
Residency: Utah
Undergrad: Utah State University
Ambassador: 2022-2023

What are your main areas of interest in the field of veterinary medicine?

  • Large animal
  • Food animal
  • Equine
  • Exotics

Extracurricular opportunities:

Henry holding his daughter as she's riding a saddled yak.

What do you think makes our program special or unique?

I like that our program is not tracked. There are so many aspects of veterinary medicine that interest me and I get to experience all of them. Spay block and large animal surgery are unique in that we get to perform live animal surgeries as students. I feel like the professors here really care about our success and make themselves available to students as much as possible.

What do you wish you knew before vet school?

I wish I knew how fun vet school was going to be. I’ve had so many opportunities to participate in really cool veterinary activities. The comradery and friendships I’ve experienced have been stronger than I expected and made vet school even more enjoyable.

Why do you like living in Logan?

Logan was amazing! The local practitioners like having vet students and the community is very welcoming. Whether veterinary related or outdoor, extracurricular opportunities abound. Trails, ski-resorts, rock-climbing, mountains, and lakes are all minutes away. The faculty in Logan and Pullman are always willing to share the local sites. I enjoy the work-life balance the campus locations offer.

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