Meet the Class of 2023: Alanna Wildman

Alanna in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, examining an orange tabby cat.

Alanna Wildman loves her family, sunsets (especially on the WSU Pullman campus), mountains, the sound of the ocean, and, of course, veterinary medicine.

Alanna originally started her veterinary journey with the dream of becoming a marine mammal veterinarian. After nearly four years at #WSUVetMed, the Cody, Wyoming, native has fallen in love with small animal medicine and the impact she was having on both animals and their owners.

“We as veterinarians are so blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference in animals and their owners’ lives through every avenue imaginable,” Alanna said.

Alanna left her small hometown of about 10,000 to pursue her undergraduate degree at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Now nearing the end of veterinary school, Alanna is in search of a mixed animal practice or the right small animal practice.

She said WSU prepared her in more ways than one.

“From hands-on labs and communication labs to clinical discussions and application, but I think the biggest part of my preparation has been the WSU community. I’ve learned so much through study groups and brainstorming cases with colleagues and watching the way others work. It has been so fun working with and getting to know individuals in my class that I didn’t know as well prior to starting rotations. And there has been something special to take away from each rotation I get to bring out into my future career,” Alanna said.

Fun Fact: Alanna played ice hockey in high school and was on the first team from Cody, Wyoming, to win the state championship!