Meet the Class of 2023: Emily Violini

Emily with a sorrel horse near the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Emily Violini grew up as the fifth generation on her family’s cattle ranch in Salinas, California. So, it’s not a big surprise she wants to work in food animal medicine.

“I have a great appreciation for those who dedicate their lives to raising livestock. I have just as much of a passion for helping people as I do for working with animals, and food animal medicine allows me to accomplish both of those goals,” Emily said.

Emily is also considering a rural mixed practice.

“The human-animal bond is such a special part of the human experience,” Emily said. “Being able to help pet owners better their lives by helping their pets to lead healthier, happier, more enriched lives is yet another reason why I love veterinary medicine.”

As a California state resident, Emily said she chose WSU for many reasons, but one big one was the program’s non-tracking curriculum and the ability to teach students small and large animal medicine.

“The old joke of ‘oh, while you’re here, doc, could you take a look at so and so?’ is going to come about at some point, and I feel as if WSU has given me the tools to problems solve whatever curveball comes my way,” she said. “WSU has also done a wonderful job at preparing me for the most important part of the job — talking to clients.”

Emily said she enjoys exploring the Palouse’s museums, small towns, farmers markets and hiking trails.

Fun Fact: While pursuing her undergraduate degree at the University of Wyoming, Emily worked at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory as a necropsy technician.