After her time at #WSUVetMed, Kyra Goldhardt wants to enroll in an emergency medicine mentorship program and eventually transition to being a full-time shelter veterinarian.

“The bond between humans and pets is remarkable,” she said. “I want to be someone who helps to strengthen that bond. Also, it is so rewarding to be able to help an animal that is sick or in pain and see them get better. This is the best career in the world!”

Kyra said WSU’s hands-on labs and simulation program prepared her for that career.

“I feel very confident talking to both clients and colleagues because of what I learned from my communications courses,” she said.

When Kyra and her husband, Joe Goldhardt, a WSU class of 2023 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine classmate, aren’t studying, they are hitting the river and the slopes.

The couple enjoys skiing, paddleboarding, and watching the Palouse sunrises and sunsets. 

“The summers are gorgeous here,” she said. “The sunsets and sunrises with the fields of green make me happy.”

Kyra and Joe have two animals they saved while working at an animal shelter in Utah: Drax, a 5-year-old lab/boxer/mastiff mix who was saved from parvovirus; and Samus, a 7-year-old tabby who had a severe upper respiratory infection.

“We love them so much,” Kyra said.