Meet the Class of 2023: Troy Mord

Troy with a Golden Retriever in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Whether on the family ranch or at his mom’s veterinary clinic, Troy Mord was always around animals growing up. Now a fourth-year veterinary student at Washington State University, Troy is following in his parents’ footsteps.

“Both of my parents have a huge passion for animals,” Mord said. “At some point, it became natural that I should stay true to the passion I got from them, and I’m ecstatic to be so close.”

Troy, a Chinook, Montana, native, plans to work at a mixed animal practice somewhere in the Northwest. He wants to work as both a small animal veterinarian and food animal practitioner.

Troy said WSU’s veterinary program has been especially helpful in cultivating and developing interpersonal skills.

“Communication with colleagues, clients, and fellow team members is such a vital aspect of veterinary care, and good communication can drastically improve quality of care and outcomes for patients,” he said. “WSU has emphasized that aspect of our industry and helped us as students improve our ability to advocate for our patients in this way.”

After moving to Pullman from Bozeman, Montana, where he completed his undergraduate degree and his first year of WSU’s regional program in veterinary medicine, Troy adopted a pitbull-lab mix from Whitman County Humane Society named Kona, who is a primary source of joy and added stress in his life.

Kona is also his best hiking buddy. Troy also has a Corgi, named Phoebe, who is back home with his mom.