Meet the Class of 2024: Colter Christian

Veterinary student Colter Christian examines a dog.
Colter Christian, center, a fourth-year student in Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, practices his ultrasound techniques on a dog on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2024, at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Pullman. (College of Veterinary Medicine/Ted S. Warren)

Colter Christian is excited to return to his hometown of Missoula, Montana. First, so he can begin his career at a small animal general practice, and second, so he can learn to river surf on one of the many rivers to choose from.

“For me, being a veterinarian is being an advocate for animals through helping, hearing, and healing,” Colter said. “In helping, I get to make use of my lifelong love for animals and put my understanding of them to good use. Through hearing, I get to engage with owners, supporting them through their pet’s care by prioritizing clear communication. In healing, I get to put on my stethoscope every day and participate in the thrilling world of science by practicing medicine.”

Colter, who plans to work primarily with small animals, completed his Bachelor of Science in microbiology from Montana State University.

He said he’s grateful for the knowledgeable faculty at MSU and WSU, and to be a part of the WSU’s Regional Program in Veterinary Medicine.

“The curriculum has prepared me for my career through great mentorship from dedicated doctors and professors, as well as clinical training in the veterinary teaching hospital where clients trust us with their beloved pets so that we can be better doctors in the future,” Colter said.

He said some of his favorite things about WSU are the ones that make it feel like home: wanderings at the arboretum, a cozy meal at O-Ramen, and frequenting the farmer’s markets.

Colter has three pets: Serafina, a 3-year-old fluff ball cat; Fujimoto, a betta fish; and, since he is a microbiologist after all, he counts his needy sourdough starter as a third pet. The sourdough does not have a name at this time.

Fun Fact: Colter’s wife, Mary, is his best friend.