Meet the Class of 2024: Emma Law

DVM student Emma Law gives a black cat attention at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Emma Law enjoys caring for animals so much that the first-generation college student has 22 pets of her own at home to tend to.

Her companions include three dogs, Leo, Moonie, and Moose; one cat, Sprite; five crested geckos, Tonks, Cinder, Croc, Thassa, and Mejula; two leopard geckos, Tang and Bruce; a rosy boa named Hemi; two cockatiels, Aero and Navi; two parakeets, Sunny and Sky; one tarantula, Inej; an unnamed salamander, and a community of fish from three different fish tanks.

“When I went to college, the options for careers felt endless,” Emma said. “So, I went with something that I enjoyed and felt a passion for, which was working with animals. I particularly enjoy working with the large animals because it feels more hands-on.”

Come graduation, Emma will head back to her home state of Montana to work at Associated Veterinary Services, a mixed animal practice in the Great Falls area.

Emma is one of 10 Montana residents enrolled in WSU’s regional program in veterinary medicine. Through the program, residents from Montana and Idaho are able to attend veterinary school for the same price as students residing in Washington state.

Emma is also one of six veterinary students in the country who round out the National Veterinary Business Medical Association’s executive board, serving as the compliance director.

For fun, Emma enjoys playing board, card, video, or computer games with her husband, Andrew. She also enjoys rock climbing.