Meet the Class of 2024: Kat Wishon

Kat with a fun grown rabbit in the exam room.

Stand, stay, spin, run through legs — Kat Wishon’s 5-year-old mixed breed rabbit, Basil, knows all these tricks. With three parakeets and two rabbits, it’s clear Kat wears her passion for exotic animals and medicine on her sleeve. She has also been involved with WSU’s Raptor Club since her first year of undergrad and even served as president.

“WSU has given me a wide breadth of knowledge in the veterinary field. I’ve been able to make connections with veterinarians and experts in my fields of interest for exotic animal medicine and shelter medicine, and I have absolutely amazing mentors in exotics at WSU,” Wishon said.
I have made a lot of amazing friends who I hope will be with me through the test of time and also be amazing colleagues as we progress through life together.”

Kat is planning to apply for both exotic specialty and small animal/exotics rotating internships, but she isn’t ruling out job offers.

A Lynnwood, Washington, native, Kat is one of 10 pe-admitted students in the class of 2024 who earned their undergraduate degree in three years through WSU’s Honors College.

She was drawn to veterinary medicine, in part, for her love for animals and their people, but also for the challenge.

“I love challenging myself to learn more, and I have a tendency to read about exotic animal medicine and surgery in my off time. I have always been enchanted by medicine and science, and I’ve found a career where I can use that along with my love of animals, connecting with people and hearing their stories, and creativity,” she said.