Meet the Class of 2024: Mariko White

Since she was a little girl, Mariko White has been determined to become a veterinarian. She volunteered for 10 years at the Shoshone Humane Society in Kellogg, Idaho, where she grew up. She also shadowed her local veterinarian as early as age 10.

“Our vet used to let me watch her perform surgery and included me in her cases. I really believe she had a huge impact on my future. She was a great role model for me while I growing up and only furthered my passion for animals,” Mariko said.

Today, Mariko wants to be a veterinarian to make the world a better place.

“I want to make a difference in not only the pet’s life but the owner’s life as well. I want to be a veterinarian to make relationships with people and strengthen their bond with their pets,” she said.

Mariko is interested in emergency medicine and small animal general practice. She’s considering pursuing an emergency and critical care mentorship program or internship after graduation.

Mariko has two dogs – a 1-year-old pit-bull mix named Piggy Sue and a 4-year-old Australian shepherd mix named Phoebe. She adopted Piggy Sue during her fourth-year ICU rotation after the dog was found on the side of the road with a broken leg and brought into the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for surgery.

“I took care of her while she was recovering,” she said. “I fell in love with her, and she needed a foster in Pullman so she could complete physical therapy, so, of course, I volunteered, and I couldn’t give her back, so I adopted her.”

Even with two dogs, her aspirations to own a Bernese Mountain dog – her favorite dog breed – have not wavered.

Fun Fact: Mariko loves exploring the outdoors and drives a lifted Ford Explorer named Big Booty Judy to get her there.