Meet the Class of 2024: Randa Boler

Randa Boler will be returning to northwest Montana to work at a mixed animal practice, but she is drawn to ambulatory medicine and particularly passionate about working with cattle.

Randa and her sister are known nationally for raising and showing registered miniature Hereford cattle. The duo bred and raised the 2022 world champion miniature Hereford female at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.

“We do a lot of artificial insemination and embryo transfer work within our herd,” Randa said. “It is a family affair with my parents very involved also.”

Randa is from Evaro, Montana, a small town just north of Missoula. She completed her undergraduate degree in animal sciences at Washington State University.

Once she earns her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, she hopes to be a resource in her hometown for youth programs like 4-H and FFA and ranchers in need of large animal veterinarians.

Randa said some of her favorite opportunities from WSU’s veterinary program were the third-year large animal surgery course, the population theriogenology elective, and her preceptorship at Sagehills Veterinary Services in Othello, Washington. 

“I am graduating very confident and ready to provide a range of services upon graduation from dog ovariohysterectomies to cattle enucleation,” she said.

Randa has two pets: Oscar, a 5-year-old Labrador-Australian shepherd cross; and Milo, a three-legged orange domestic shorthair she adopted this summer after doing his right forelimb amputation at her preceptorship.