Past WSVMA Awards

Each year, the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA) honor individuals whose service has contributed significantly to the veterinary profession in Washington State.  Our WSU Faculty have received numerous awards including the “WSVMA Veterinarian of the Year” award, the “Distinguished Achievement” award, and the “WSU Faculty Member of the Year” award.

WSVMA Veterinarian of the Year:
 The “WSVMA Veterinarian of the Year” Award is given annually to the association member recognized for an outstanding career in veterinary medicine. The recipient must have shown remarkable achievement in professional service, community service, and fields other than veterinary medicine.

  • 2006 W.M. Bayly 
  • 2002 Harmon Rogers 

Distinguished Achievement Award: The “Distinguished Achievement” award is given in recognition of a singular outstanding achievement in veterinary medicine, public service, or other field of endeavor which reflects honor to the veterinary profession. Recipients do not need to be veterinarians, but veterinary recipients must be WSVMA members.

  • 2014 Suzanne Kurtz 
  • 2010 James Everman 
  • 2008 Rick DeBowes 
  • 2007 Clive Gay 

WSU Faculty Member of the Year: The “WSU Faculty Member of the Year” award is presented to recognize a WSU Faculty member who has served members of the WSVMA with distinction.

  • 2016 Steve Hines 
  • 2015 Dale Moore  
  • 2014 Julie Cary 
  • 2012 Dean Bryan Slinker 
  • 2011 Janean Fidel 
  • 2008 Patricia Talcott 
  • 2007 Patrick Gavin 
  • 2006 John Gay 
  • 2005 Katrina Mealey 
  • 2004 Steve Parish 
  • 2003 Ahmed Tibary 
  • 2002 Erik Stauber

Humane Animal Welfare Award: The “Humane Animal Welfare” award is presented to a non-veterinarian who has advanced animal welfare through extraordinary service.

  • 2004 Kathy Ruby 

Distinguished Veterinary Staff Award: The “Distinguished Veterinary Staff ” award is presented to an individual who has gone above and beyond the expected responsibilities of the practice to provide outstanding client and patient service.

  • 2015 Rachel Jensen 
  • 2012 Betsy Wheeler 
  • 2010 Doug Blake 
  • 2004 Shirley Sandoval