Q&A with genetics and cell biology student Nina Ly

Student Nina Ly poses with a stuffed Butch.

Nina Ly plans on pursuing a graduate degree in genetic counseling when she graduates from WSU in December. From University Place, Washington, the Curtis Senior High School is minoring in pre-genetic counseling and majoring in genetics and cell biology in the College of Veterinary Medicine’s School of Molecular Biosciences. She has been active in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at WSU and plans to continue being an advocate when she leaves Pullman.

How has WSU prepared you for your future?

WSU has prepared me for my future by connecting me with such great staff and faculty. Without them, I would not know as much as I do. They are the ones who have encouraged me to be more curious and explore the field of science. Being involved in sorority life and getting the opportunity to serve as their diversity, equity, and inclusion director and now on the DEI committee at WSU for the College of Veterinary Medicine, I feel like I have learned so much about being an advocate for those who feel like their voices aren’t heard. This has prepared me for my future because advocacy here is just the beginning of how much more I want to do in the future in my profession.

What’s your favorite thing about WSU?

My favorite thing about WSU is the sense of community we have here. I feel like there is a club or a group for everyone and their interests. 

What’s your favorite course you’ve taken at WSU?

My favorite course I have taken here at WSU is Human Genetics with Dr. McCabe because she made class worth going to. You can tell she is passionate about not only what she is teaching but being an educator. Even though the class was hard, I can guarantee that what you learned in that class will stay with you forever and will help you in the future.

Do you have a job or work in a lab or somewhere else?

I am an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Kirchhoff’s lab. I am currently analyzing transmission electron microscope (TEM) images of thylakoids. I am also interning at Milestone Decisions where I work with those with genetic disorders. Basically, what I do there is have fun with them during the day, going for walks, making sure they are completing their goals for the day, and watching fun shows like “Scooby-Doo.”

What’s one of your favorite hobbies?

This past summer I noticed that I was the only one in my family without a hobby, so I learned how to crochet and started to paint more. Playing tennis is my No. 1 hobby that I wish I did more of because I enjoy it so much. These are some things I do instead of going on my phone, which can make me overstimulated.

What’s a unique fun fact about you?

I love BTS and have been an army for over a year now. I went to their concert last year and it was the best day of my life. I also am obsessed with my dog, and if you know me you know that I have a collage of my dog as my desktop screen.