Research update #11: Research podcast, webinar & meet our team.

Elk hoof facility from a distance.

By Margaret A. Wild, DVM, PhD

Until now, our research updates have been written documents, but if you like watching videos and listening to podcasts, this update is for you.

Left to right: Dr. Margaret Wild, Steven Winter, Dr. Holly Drankhan, Charlie Park, Zachary Robinson, Dr. Liz Goldsmith

First, video introductions to our elk hoof disease research team are now online. We currently have four students investigating various aspects of elk hoof disease. Three students are pursuing their PhD and one student is wrapping up a master’s degree. You can hear about each student’s background and research by watching their individual 1-minute videos. Many thanks to veterinary student Lucas Boatwright for producing the videos.

If you’re interested in hearing a more in-depth discussion of our research, a podcast was recorded for Wildlife Health Connections(scroll to the bottom and click on the green button to start listening) or it is available on common platforms like Apple podcasts and Spotify.

And if you still want more, as always, you can learn more at our WSU elk hoof disease website or by contacting us.