DVM class of 2022

Meet the Class of 2022: Tara Powers

As a child, Tara Powers dreamed of being an astronaut, but she decided the stars weren’t for her after she found space camp to be a bore. So, the then pre-teen from a Spokane family of engineers set off to find her own science. Tara is now a fourth-year veterinary student from St. George’s University […]

Tara Powers holding a Dachshund.

Meet the Class of 2022: Kirby Marden

Kirby Marden “despises” human feet, but she can’t seem to get enough cat-toe beans and dog pawprints. Kirby, a product of Richland, Washington, hopes to return to the Tri Cities next summer to work at a small animal practice where there will be no shortage of paws. While she hopes to focus on dogs and […]

Kirby Marden with a patient, a Burmese Mountain Dog.