Good Samaritan Stories

An adopted tabby’s new lease on life

Roya Eshragh and Gyan Harwood of Vancouver, British Columbia, wanted a cat. So they did what many animal lovers do; they went to their local shelter to adopt an older animal in need of a home. They fell in love with an orange tabby and named him “Chester” (he had previously been called “Cheetoh,” but they thought he looked more like a “Chester”). On January 30, 2012—Chester’s adoption day—his life changed forever.

Chester lying on a WSU cougar pillow.

A dog may once walk again thanks to the Good Samaritan Fund

On a Sunday morning in October 2012, Tara Johnson and her husband heard their dog “Juno,” a 4-year-old Husky, whimpering several yards from their house. They ran to find her lying on the ground not moving. Although they couldn’t see any bite marks through her fur, they did see saliva on her neck.

“That would be typical of a wolf attack,” said Johnson. “We’d had several wolf sightings near our house a few months before she was injured.”

Juno at a campground.

Good Samaritan Funds give a rescued puppy mill dog named Dancer a chance at a new life

“Dancer,” a 7-year-old Powder-puff Chinese Crested, wasn’t always as healthy and happy as she is today. She spent the first 6 years of her life in a puppy mill in Oregon. When she came to live with Tracy and her family in Idaho, all her toes were dislocated from being confined to a wire cage. Her teeth had rotted, she had a cyst, and an injured back.

“She was in such bad shape, we really debated if the journey to get well was worth the pain she would go through,” said Tracy.

"Dancer" with Misti Nuxoll ('12 DVM).