Undergraduate Research

Q&A with neuroscience student Sydney Ackerman

Sydney Ackerman dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian. The Spokane native and Mead High School alumna will graduate in May from the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine with a degree in neuroscience (with minors in zoology and French), and while she plans to take a short break from school, she aspires to return to Pullman to pursue a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Q&A with genetics and cell biology student Jacob Satake

Following graduation in May, Jacob Satake will be off to medical school at WSU Spokane’s Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. From Spokane and a graduate of North Central High School, Jacob is currently majoring in genetics and cell biology in the College of Veterinary Medicine’s School of Molecular Biosciences.

Q&A with biochemistry student Maggie Munoz

From Vancouver, Washington, Maggie Munoz recently graduated from WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. While she has wrapped up her undergraduate studies, she plans on staying on campus to continue her research on Lyme disease and relapsing fever in the lab of Dr. Troy Bankhead before pursuing a doctorate in molecular biology.

Q&A with genetics and cell biology student Bayley McDonald

Bayley McDonald is a genetics and cell biology major in the School of Molecular Bioscience and is a member of the college’s prestigious accelerated degree program, Students Targeted toward Advanced Research Studies (STARS), in which students can earn a PhD in as little as seven years after graduating high school.

Q&A with neuroscience student Peter Yunker

Peter Yunker is a junior in Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience pursuing a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience with a pre-medicine track. Peter has spent recent summers in Alaska working as a commercial fisherman, but when he graduates in the winter of 2023, he hopes to head to medical school.

Neuroscience student Peter Yunker holds a WSU flag in a research lab on campus.

WSU biochemistry student studies genetic disease to help people like her father

Washington State University student Taylor Moore’s father has for decades suffered the debilitating effects of intervertebral disc degeneration, a condition characterized by the breakdown of one or more discs in the spine, causing chronic pain in the back or neck. “He looks normal, but he can’t do the normal things that other people can do,” […]

Taylor Moore standing in a field of red tulips.