Ambassador spotlight: Henry Clinger

Are you considering WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine? Our student ambassadors are available to provide insight into our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.

Henry Clinger says he chose the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine for the abundance of hands-on opportunities the program provides for its students.

“There is more happening between labs, classes, clubs, and other extracurricular opportunities than I have time for, but I love to get out and remind myself why I love veterinary medicine,” he said. “Most clinicians are very welcoming of students in the teaching hospital, the clinical skills lab is open for practice from day 1, and club activities are happening regularly.”

Henry also pointed to the program’s Diagnostic Challenge as a highlight. The Diagnostic Challenge is an innovative way for second-year veterinary students to develop communication and listening skills early in the curriculum. During the week-long challenge, students diagnose patients and work with volunteer clients in a simulated setting, much like what they will experience one day in their own practice.

“Diagnostic Challenge was a welcome break from the routine,” he said. “I had a lot of fun and learned so much about case presentation, communication, record keeping, and our case. I enjoyed the chance to bond with friends and new classmates and learn outside of the classroom.”

In addition to the hands-on opportunities and Diagnostic Challenge, Henry said he appreciates that students aren’t tied to a specific program track.

“There are so many aspects of veterinary medicine that interest me, and I get to experience all of them,” he said. “Spay block and large animal surgery are unique in that we get to perform live animal surgeries as students. I feel like the professors here and in Utah really care about our success and make themselves available to students as much as possible.”

So, what has surprised Henry the most about WSU’s veterinary program?

“I wish I knew how fun vet school was going to be,” Henry said. “I’ve had so many opportunities to participate in really cool veterinary activities. The comradery and friendships I’ve experienced have been stronger than I expected and made vet school even more enjoyable.”