Brittany White

Brittany holding her dog, Ralph, outside the Teaching Hospital.

Class: 2025
Residency: Washington
At what campus did you start the program? Pullman
Undergrad: University of Providence
Ambassador: 2023-2024

What are your main areas of interest in the field of veterinary medicine?

  • Small animal
  • General practice
  • Shelter medicine

Please list any clubs/organizations you are currently involved with:

  • Canine Club
  • Veterinary Business Management Association
  • Shelter Medicine

What experiences in our program have been the most meaningful so far?

I have really liked the different fundraisers that the clubs put on! I like being able to see students, staff, and community members getting together for some fun and mingling! It really emphasizes how connected we all are here!

Selfie of Brittany with a golden lab puppy.

To maintain school/life balance I:

I initially struggled with this myself, but you have to learn to make yourself as much, if not more, of a priority over school. I make sure to set study times and then allow myself time for self-care each day whether it is an extra long walk with Ralph or listening to meditation before bed.

WIMU faculty are:

Inspiring! Every faculty member has their own life path on how they ended up where they are and so encouraging of students to follow their dreams!