Gift in Action

A lifetime friendship inspires College of Veterinary Medicine scholarship

As a child in Woodburn, Oregon, Lanny Skovborg (’67 DVM) took long walks with his mother down the country roads of this rural community. Along the way, they would stop to watch the cows and horses grazing in the fields. “These are my earliest childhood memories, and this is when I decided to become a […]

Cathy and Lanny dressed up at a reception.

The legacy of Dr. Jack Alexander

Jack Alexander builds connections with animals, students, friends, family, and community. Through his generous spirit, this alumnus, retired faculty, and donor has supported and encouraged the success and well-being of others for a lifetime.

Dr. Jack Alexander standing with radiographs to his right.

Donor spotlight: Doyle and Matilda Montgomery

Washington State University alumnus Dr. E. Doyle Montgomery (’55 DVM) and his wife, Matilda, traveled the world together for many years on mission trips. Across continents, they witnessed the contribution veterinary professionals made to animals and people in the communities they served. “We traveled to India and South America and saw the veterinary caduceus at […]

Coming together: 650 masks and counting

In their Oregon home, Liz and Frank Wallace have a well-orchestrated production line for making cloth masks. Frank draws around the template and cuts out the fabric. Liz does the sewing. Then Frank pulls out the pins and strings the elastic. “We are a production team,” says Liz. They started making masks for the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital after learning the hospital’s staff needed them to stay healthy while treating animal patients.

Wearing donated cloth masks

A Heart as Good as Gold: Susan Goebel

When she was four years old, Susan Goebel’s mom and dad took her Christmas shopping in Topeka, Kansas. It was her dad Wilbur’s job to keep Susan entertained while her mom, Betty, did the shopping. Knowing she loved animals, Wilbur took Susan to the pet section so she could see the kittens. But when it […]

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Susan at a campground, holding a kitten.

Investing in our students

Beth Davidow has seen a lot of changes to the veterinary profession since she graduated from Cornell nearly 25 years ago. But the biggest change, she says, is the amount of debt today’s veterinary students carry when they graduate.

Josh standing in front of the WSU veterinary teaching hospital.