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Q&A with genetics and cell biology student Nolan Middleton

Nolan Middleton plans to graduate with a pair of degrees in genetics and cell biology and theoretical mathematics this coming spring before continuing his education in graduate school. From Ephrata, Washington, Nolan graduated from Ephrata High School while also earning credits at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake through the Running Start program.

Nolan sitting on steps outside on campus.

Meet the Class of 2024: Thomas Lindgren

Shout out to Drs. Julie Cary and Rick Debowes. For Thomas Lindgren, the emphasis on client communication and business management training are what he found most impactful about WSU’s veterinary program. Still, it’s his classmates that he may treasure most. “I could write pages about the Class of 2024,” Thomas said. “I would not be […]

Thomas and a malinois looking right into each other's eyes.