Allen School for Global Health

From computer to benchtop: WSU researchers find clues to new mechanisms for coronaviruses infections

A group of bat viruses related to SARS-CoV-2 can also infect human cells but uses a different and unknown entryway. While researchers are still honing in on how these viruses infect cells, the findings could help in the development of new vaccines.

Congratulations to our newly tenured and promoted faculty

Promotion and tenure are the strongest possible statements that can be made about the confidence we have in a faculty member’s potential to grow and contribute at WSU. These high honors will be recognized during Showcase at the Celebrating Excellence Banquet on March 25. Promoted to the rank of Regents Professor Patricia Hunt, School of Molecular Biosciences Promoted […]

Meet the Rabies Free Africa team – Dr. Ahmed Lugelo

Ahmed Lugelo is a project manager for Rabies Free Tanzania.  Why is it important to eliminate rabies? I have been working with the rabies project in the Mara region of northern Tanzania for more than six years. Rabies is a serious public health problem in the Mara region, with more than 2,500 animal bite victims being […]