WSU leading the efforts against elk hoof disease

Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine has been leading the effort to identify the cause of elk hoof disease and to provide critical information to wildlife agencies to better manage the disease in the wild since the Washington state Legislature passed SB 5474 in 2017.   The legislation provided funding to address elk hoof […]

Report to Legislature | 2021

In 2008, cases of limping elk exhibiting characteristic hoof lesions reported to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) increased markedly in Southwestern Washington. By 2017, and in response to stakeholder concern regarding the intensity and spread of the disease, the Washington State Legislature unanimously passed Senate Bill 5474 to designate Washington State University’s […]

Frequently asked questions about elk hoof disease

What is elk hoof disease? Elk hoof disease is a debilitating disease that causes sores on the feet of elk, in addition to deformed, overgrown, broken, or sloughed hooves. Affected elk are often observed limping or holding up a foot. Sporadic cases of the disease may have occurred in southwestern Washington earlier but the number of […]

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If you find an injured raptor …

We all want to help animals when we believe they are orphaned or injured, but you should always ensure an animal is indeed in need of help before intervening. Young fledgling raptors and other birds are often mistaken for being injured when they are found on the ground. Most often, however, the bird is taking […]

What to do if you suspect an elk has elk hoof disease

You can help wildlife officials and researchers monitor and prevent the spread of elk hoof disease, a debilitating disease in elk that causes deformed, overgrown, broken, or sloughed hooves. The disease – now also known as treponeme-associated hoof disease (TAHD) – was first described as a local issue in southwest Washington, but it is now […]