School of Molecular Biosciences

Genetic discovery could lead to better treatments for common tumor in dogs

Newly discovered genetic commonalities and differences among prevalent types of canine soft tissue sarcomas, a potentially deadly tumor, could pave the way for better diagnosis and treatments.

WSU biochemistry student studies genetic disease to help people like her father

Washington State University student Taylor Moore’s father has for decades suffered the debilitating effects of intervertebral disc degeneration, a condition characterized by the breakdown of one or more discs in the spine, causing chronic pain in the back or neck. “He looks normal, but he can’t do the normal things that other people can do,” […]

A Doctor of Medicine, after all

There have been moments of wavering – like when he considered a career in bioengineering – and doubts – especially when it appeared he wouldn’t be accepted into medical school – but Blake Cohoe has always returned to his childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Cohoe, a graduate of Washington State University’s School of Molecular […]