March 2020 DVM student spotlights

Andrew Kures

Andrew with his dog in a snowy field.

Andrew Kures is a second-year student in the College of Veterinary Medicine and is focusing on small animal medicine and practice management. Andrew’s first memory is being plopped on a horse’s back at his neighbor’s house in South Carolina, screaming incessantly, and swearing off horses forever.

Throughout his childhood Andrew explored diverse careers such as archeology like his hero, Indiana Jones, or maybe a detective like his heroes, the Hardy Boys, or maybe a wizard like his hero, Harry Potter. However, as time went on he realized that detective work and archeology weren’t as exciting as the movies and as he did not receive an admissions letter from Hogwarts on his 11th birthday, he decided to give horses another shot. He began working at a local barn in exchange for riding lessons and eventually independent riding time. Upon starting at Carroll College in Helena Montana, it was settled that he was FOR SURE going to be an equine veterinarian. While in school Andrew split time working at a mixed animal vet clinic in town and at the school barn tending the herd of ten horses. An estimated two hundred hours was spent chipping frozen manure from the stall floors during those four and a half years because hey, someone has got to do it. During the summers he worked at a label making company in Seattle and a dog boarding and training facility. He graduated from Carroll College in December of 2017 with a double major in Anthrozoology and Biology. Throughout high school and college Andrew and his yellow lab named Lightning volunteered for Reading with Rover, based out of Woodinville, Washington. While in undergrad Andrew fostered a Newfoundland named Tater from the Lewis and Clark county humane society and trained him as a balance and mobility assistance dog for an organization based out of Salt Lake City. Andrew started in the WIMU Regional Program at WSU in August of 2017, infamously showing up late to orientation (don’t do that) and has enjoyed every step on this journey since. While his love of horses remains strong, he in now leaning towards the small animal side of veterinary medicine. In his free time Andrew enjoys playing intramural sports with his friends, going to the gym, swing dancing at the country bar, and reading. Upon graduation Andrew plans to return to the Seattle area to be close to his parents, brothers, and beloved Labradors.

Danielle Petrini

Danielle caring for a goat in the vet hospital barn.

Danielle Petrini is a second year veterinary student in the WIMU Regional Program at Washington State University, interested in large animal and equine medicine. A California native, Danielle’s interest in veterinary medicine began at the ripe old age of 6, as an owner of a clinic called “We Fix Pets” located in the laundry room of her childhood home. When the Petrinis moved to Washington, Danielle fell further in love with the equine world. Although she was never interested in competitive equestrian sports, Danielle found joy in packing, camping, trail riding, and ranch work.

After high school she went on to get her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Equine Science at Colorado State University. Many classes, a Montana ranch, a Colorado ranch, and a Kentucky equine hospital later, Danielle graduated in 2015 itching to explore. Two years spent working and traveling throughout the U.S. and Australia before applying to WSU’s veterinary program hold some of her favorite memories. As a current student, she proudly works on the Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s blood transfusion team to keep the blood bank stocked for dogs, cats, cows, sheep, and goats in need. Danielle is also the Arenus student representative and has served on various club committees. Last summer, she worked on a ranch in Nebraska and took an international livestock communication and consulting course in Mexico. Danielle has been named to the Dean’s List each semester and has received multiple scholarships. Outside of school, she enjoys baking, the outdoors, going to concerts, and supporting local events.

Alley Quigley

Alley with two border collies.

Ally Quigley, a second year veterinary student at Washington State University, wants to specialize in equine neonatal or wildlife medicine. She grew up riding horses in Montana and assisting both of her parents with wildlife research projects. This instilled in her a love for horses, as well as an appreciation for wildlife and a fondness for the outdoors. Ally was also fortunate enough to travel with her parents and assist in their field-based studies, both within the United States and abroad, where she developed a love for traveling and exploring new cultures. In addition, she has worked on multiple equine research projects, predominantly with sport horses.

Within the WIMU Regional Program, she has been a COLE mentor for incoming students, holds the position of Hill’s Pet Nutrition representative, and is an officer in the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) and in the Nutrition Club. When she graduates in May 2022, Ally plans on completing an equine internship, ideally working with equine athletes.