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Report to Legislature | 2022

In 2017 the Washington State Legislature unanimously passed Senate Bill 5474 to designate WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine as the state lead in developing a program to monitor and assess causes of, and potential solutions for, elk hoof disease. Read the 2022 report to the Legislature providing the most recent developments with the disease.

Cow elk in the wild, looking right at the camera.

Federal budget helps fund WSU infectious disease, mental health research

WSU is crediting strong support from the state’s congressional delegation with helping secure significant funding in the new federal spending bill signed into law last month by President Joe Biden.

U.S. Capitol Building

Arsenic-contaminated water associated with antibiotic resistance in children

A WSU-led study found a higher prevalence of antibiotic-resistant E.coli in rural areas of Bangladesh with high arsenic contamination levels in drinking water compared to areas with less contamination.