Meet the Rabies Free Africa team – Maliki Musa

Maliki photographing a boy's dog.

Maliki Musa is a field assistant with Rabies Free Tanzania based out of Arusha.

Why is it important to eliminate rabies?

In my role as a field assistant, I conduct household surveys and evaluate the validation of rabies free vaccination campaigns. It is important to eliminate rabies since it can cause immediate death to human beings, as well as it can jeopardize local wildlife species.

Can you see the program having an impact?

Yes, the program has great impact to society. This can be seen by the demand of vaccinations needed by the community. There are a very few cases of rabies reported from areas where regular campaigns are conducted.

Have you known anyone who has died from rabies?

Thankfully, I have not known anyone who has died from rabies.

What do you do when you are not fighting rabies?

I take time to learn about diseases related to animals and different ways to overcome them.